Juliet Oware

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Graduate School Student

Juliet Oware, a second-year Master’s student in African Studies and a senator at Yale GPSS, embarked on her academic journey with a profound commitment to addressing crucial challenges facing her native Ghana and the broader African continent. Throughout her academic journey, she has been both a valuable academic resource for her peers and a mentor to junior students. Her research interests encompass environmental, climate change, and public health policies, with a specific focus on sustainable resource management in African mining communities, driven by the need to address these complex challenges. With strong analytical skills, teamwork experience, and a commitment to problem-solving, Juliet aspires to excel in a research-oriented environment like Yale and ultimately become a prominent African Studies scholar who contributes significantly to shaping policies for the continent’s development. She aims to inspire underprivileged students from middle-income countries and make lasting contributions to African scholarship and policy development.