Joint Degrees & Certificates

Joint Degrees

Through agreements the MacMillan Center has negotiated with the Professional Schools, CAS offers Joint Master’s degrees with the following: the Law School, the School of Public Health and the School of the Environment. Applications must be made to both the Graduate School and to the appropriate Professional School, with notation made on each application that this is to be considered for the joint degree program. Contact the African Studies DGS for up-to-date information.


Graduate and professional students may also pursue a Graduate Certificate of Concentration in the field of Global Health, Development Studies, or International Security Studies.

Graduate Certificate of Concentration

The Graduate Certificate of Concentration in African Studies is designed for Ph.D. and professional school students. The requirements for the concentration include African studies and African language course work and demonstration of research skills. An application can be downloaded here. Contact the African Studies DGS, Louisa Lombard ( to discuss this option.