Print Cultures and African Literature, 1860–1960

Council on African Studies Workshop

Dates: 4-5 November 2022 (8.30am-5pm)

Luce Hall Room 202 & Online 

Organized by Stephanie Newell (English) and Allegra Ayida (History)

FRIDAY 4th November

8:30am – BREAKFAST bagels, cakes, coffee/tea 

8:45–9:00am Welcome: Karin Barber and Steph Newell 

9:00–10:00am – Sara Marzagora & Annachiara Raia 

Sara Marzagora, “Amharic Print Culture in Ethiopia (1900–1936): Genres, Texts and New “Regimes of Truth” 

Annachiara Raia, “Between the Railway and the Minaret: Transregional Swahili Muslim Booklets and Transition in East African Print Culture (1930-1960)” 

10:00–11:00am – Jeremy Dell & Anne Bang 

Jeremy Dell, “A Family Affair: Printing Among Senegal’s Sufi Orders” 

Anne K. Bang, “Double-Sided Print: The Rise of Islamic Arabic Print in East Africa, c. 1880–1910” 

11:00–11:15pm – BREAK – coffee/tea 

11:15–12:15pm – Karin Barber & Joel Cabrita and Thato Sukati 

Karin Barber, “Linguistic Cohabitation and the First Yoruba Novel” 

Joel Cabrita and Thato Sukati, “The Columns of Kadebona: Linguistic Patriotism and a Hybrid Language in Swati Newspapers of the 1950s and 1960s” 

12.15–1.15pm – Hlonipha Mokoena & Maria Suriano

Hlonipha Mokoena, “A Century of Readers and Readings: Abantu Abamnyama, 1922–2022” 

Maria Suriano, “Local Aesthetics and Literary Experimentation in Swahili Press Writings in Tanganyika” 

1:15–2:00pm  LUNCH

2:00–3:30pm – Phoebe Musandu, Leslie James and Myles Osborne, Tobias Warner 

Phoebe Musandu, “Of Rickety Old Printpresses in Ramshackle Printrooms and the Stories They Told: The African Press in Colonial Kenya 1920–1960s” 

Leslie James and Myles Osborne, “Africa in Jamaica: Print Networks in the Caribbean” 

Tobias Warner, “”A Curious Creature from the Market”: World Literature and the “Complete Gentleman” Stories”

3:30–4.00pm – BREAK – coffee/tea 

4:00–5:00pm – Terri Ochiagha & Odile Goerg 

Terri Ochiagha, “Paracolonial Mimic Men: ‘Adaptationism’ and Autoethnographic Expression in The Nigerian Teacher (1933-36) and Nigeria Magazine (1937-53)”

Odile Goerg, “Still Images, Moving Images, Local Commentators, Texts”


SATURDAY 5th November

8:30am – BREAKFAST bagels, cakes, coffee/tea 

9:00–10:00am – Khwezi Mhkize & James Brennan

Khwezi Mhkize, “Black South African Intellectuals and the Question of Colonial Modernity” 

James R. Brennan, “Multilingualism in the African, Indian, and European Presses of Tanganyika, 1919–1961”

10:00–11:00am – Isabel Hofmeyr & Graham Furniss 

Isabel Hofmeyr, “Print Cultures and Printing Diasporas: Gandhi, Dube and White Printworkers in Durban”

Graham Furniss, “Hausa written texts: print medium and literary cultures in northern Nigeria – Christian missions, colonial policy, the post-Independence experience and the world of Islamic manuscripts” 

11:00–11:15am – BREAK - coffee/tea 

11:30am–12:30pm – Harri Englund & Sam Naidu

Harri Englund, “Expansive Languages in Nineteenth-Century Central Africa: Missionary Dictionaries between Command and Dialogue”

Sam Naidu, “Reading the ‘Father’ of South African Colonial History: George McCall Theal’s Urge to Publish (1862-1992)”  

12:30pm–1:15pm – LUNCH

1:15–1:30am – Ato Quayson: The African Literature in Transition series

1:30–2:30pm – Ngozi Edeagu & Katharina A. Oke 

Ngozi Edeagu, “The West African Pilot and the Creation of an Anti-Colonial Readership”

Katharina A. Oke, ““Where Money Goes Before, All Ways Do Lie Open””

2:30–3:30pm – Lucie Ryzova & Thomas Keegan 

Lucie Ryzova, “Reading, Print and Personhood Among the New Egyptian Middle Classes”

Thomas Keegan, ““Books that Africans Should Not Read”: Reading, Madness, and African Selfhood in the Sierra Leone Weekly News

3:30–4:00pm – BREAK tea/coffee  

4:00–5:00pm – Corinne Sandwith & Stephanie Newell 

Corinne Sandwith, “Street Literature and Satire: The After-Lives of South African Texts” 

Stephanie Newell, ““Usefully Unofficial” Literature: Onitsha Market Literature and Anglophone Print Cultures in Colonial West Africa”


Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund
Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale
Yale Council on African Studies


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