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    Promoting Study of African Languages

    The Yale African Studies Program offers regular courses in three major African languages: Swahili, Yoruba and Zulu, taught at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

  • African women

    Commitment to interdisciplinary research and study of Africa

    The Council fosters an academic environment where students and faculty seek novel approaches to issues in African studies through joint endeavors across institutions at Yale, regionally, nationally and internationally.



In Rwanda, Yale student instructor Elizabeth Olatunji ’20 shows YYAS students how to access online university applications.
Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS), a flagship program of the Yale Africa Initiative, held sessions in Kigali, Rwanda July 29-Aug. 7, and in Accra, Ghana Aug. 11-20. (view...
Nadira, one of our team members, conducts an English reading test with a CHP candidate in Buyengo. All CHPs must be able to read and interpret English, and finding out their reading ability is a key part of the interview day, which also includes an exam.
Liana Wang, Yale College Class of 2020, is currently in Uganda working with Living Goods as part of the Market Solutions for Inclusive Societies class she is taking with...
Bo Hopkins ’86 M.B.A. and his wife, Ranji Nagaswami ’86 M.B.A.
The Yale Medal is the highest honor presented by the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), awarded annually to members of the Yale family for their individual service to the...

Faculty Research

Yale’s Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu (left) with Dr. Ssentamu, acting chair of Medicine at JFK Medical Center in Liberia (middle), and Dr. Joseph Njoh, senior faculty in Department of Medicine (right).
In 2014, the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone suffered the most severe outbreak of Ebola ever known. By the time the epidemic was contained in 2016...
Veronica Waweru
Veronica Waweru, a lecturer in Yale’s MacMillan Center, gave a talk at Luce Hall on Thursday on the lack of understanding among locals in Kenya about research taking place in...
Christine Ngaruiya, M.D., MSc, DTM&H (center), with other Yale recipients of Hecht-Albert Pilot Innovation Award for Junior Faculty.
In her home country of Kenya, Dr. Christine Ngaruiya has lost family members and loved ones to diseases and afflictions that, in many cases, were preventable — like...