Ann Iyonu

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2023 World Fellow

Ann Iyonu is Executive Director of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation. At the heart of the Foundation’s mandate is the protection of democratic integrity, the prevention of violent conflicts, and the promotion of the peaceful resolution of disputes across Africa. In her role she is involved in high-level mediation and conflict resolution in democratic emergencies and political transitions. Ann is also the coordinator of the West African Elders Forum (WAEF), a platform of former heads of state that draws on the experience and standing of its members to bring non-partisan insights and skills for defusing tension and reconciling positions for the sake of the sustenance and advancement of democracy in West Africa. With her providing foundational ideas and strategic direction since its inception in March 2021, WAEF played an active role in mediating peaceful elections in The Gambia. Over the past decade, Ann has worked on various democracy promotion, peace and security, and governance initiatives in the sub-region, having worked and consulted for several national and international organizations including the Open Government Partnership. Ann holds a MA in Law and Diplomacy from the University of Jos in Nigeria.