Thomas Mbajjwe

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Graduate School Student

Thomas is a graduate of the transnational programme between The African Leadership University (Mauritius) and Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) where he graduated with Honors in Business Management. His dissertation examined the relationship between Management Leadership Style and Employee Engagement and Satisfaction in the retail sector. At Yale, his academic interests are in rediscovering Africa’s long-forgotten History, and examining how it can be harnessed to inform optimal economic and political systems in present-day Africa. He is specifically interested in investigating how behavioralism and institutionalism can each contribute to building strong and independent political institutions in Africa. He has interned at various Afro-centric organisations across 6 African countries including The International Law Institute, Media 256, The African Leadership Group and Ashinaga, seeking to observe the contrast in different country and organisational contexts across the continent. He is looking to use the instruction from this M.A. degree as a segue into professional school.