Fadhili Njilima

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Environmental Management

Fadhili Njilima, is an enthusiastic conservationist linking the science and livelihood plans of the African communities in Tropical Africa to enhance the thriving landscape ecosystems and well – being of the people through inclusive green growth approaches. Over 14 years he worked on ecological monitoring particularly tropical forests monitoring, primates, birds, chameleons and large mammals (elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, leopards); and practically used the scientific results in conservation projects on forest landscape restoration, natural resources governance, policy influencing (Land, Forest, Water, and Agriculture) and communicated the environmental issues at landscape, national and international levels through publications, conferences, and workshops. He worked closely with African Wildlife Foundation, IUCN, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group and University of York, and Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania. He is currently a candidate pursuing Masters of Environment Management, School of the Environment, Yale University with an ambition to meet large scale conservation through his researches on the Impacts of Community Based Forest Management to forest physical condition and its benefits to livelihoods, in Kilombero Landscape, Tanzania, East Africa. He also visualizes the tree species preferred to meet demands of timber and non – timber forest products to help design alternative strategies to access forest products.