Mojisola Sonoiki

British born Nigerian Mojisola Sonoiki has over 15 years’ experience curating, programming, and consulting on various Film Festivals and Cultural Events around the world. Amongst other things, she is the Founder of the WOCAF (Women of Color Arts & Film Festival) Atlanta, has directed a short documentary “Occupy Naija”, an insider’s view of the Occupy Nigeria demonstrations of 2012, co-written a made for TV film “Mixed Feelings” which aired on the cable channel, Ebony Life TV in Nigeria in 2015 and is the creator of  an award-winning docu-interview web series “Indigo Tongues” which showcases trailblazers from Africa and the Diaspora. Currently Ms Sonoiki is the co-host/co-producer of a Podcast called “Not just Nollywood” which explores perspectives on Cinema, Music, Arts and Entertainment, of, for and about people of African descent.