Emmanuel Karangwa

KARANGWA Emmanuel known as Kemg_arts, is a Rwandan young versatile Visual Artist, born in 1999, doing Paintings, Illustrations, Urban sketching, and mostly Digital Painter and Animator. After finishing high school where he learnt about Fine Arts, he decided to follow his passion for the arts as a professional career. By expressing what he feels inside through the arts, KARANGWA wishes to communicate messages of peace, love and unity that would inspire people, Self-confidence and Africanism as his art is most often connected to the social sphere, and promoting human rights for all. KARANGWA now has a small Digital art studio located in Kigali. Keeping his ambitions high, KARANGWA dreams big; he wants to start making a series of cartoon animations, telling stories to Africa and Worldwide, which would spread and carry a strong message to the World. This, he believes, would be his own contribution to society. 
Social media: @Kemg_arts