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Ayalew Helinna

Identity On The Margins – Constructing National Identity In Ethiopia

Erdong Chen

Achievements and Challenges of China’s Special Economic Zones in Africa – A Case Study of the China-Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone

Lila Ann M. Dodge

Professionally Oriented Contemporary Dance Training in Burkina Faso: Social and Somatic Foundations for a Transnational Career

Denise L. Lim

What is African Literature?

Catherine Nelson

The Role of Minerals in Economic Development in Ethiopia

Scott Ross

Radio’s Role in Reducing LRA Violence and the Effects of Humanitarian Intervention

Kevin Winn

The Effects of Short-Term Volunteers On Host Communities


Camille Raquel Davidson

Africans on Exhibit: Investigating Poverty Tourism in South African Townships

Justin Scott

“NOTHING IS RIGHT”: Fuel Subsidies, Popular Sentiment, and the Legacy of #OccupyNigeria

Klara Wojtkowska

Crisis of Imagination in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe


Alexander Bowles

Careers, Stigma and Mental Health Care: Community Psychiatric Nursing in Ghana

Zachary Obinna Enumah

From Ujamaa to Usalama: A Changing Tolerance Towards Refugees in Post-Ujamaa Tanzania

Oluwadamilola Oladeru

Evaluation of the Abiye Program, A safe Motherhood Initiative in Ondo State, Nigeria

Nyasha Karimakwenda

Terrains of Struggle: Black Women’s Bodies As Sites of Violence During Apartheid


Michael Baca

Millenarian Violence in Northern Nigeria: 1804-1985

David Bargueno

Humanitarianism for Africa in the Age of Empire, The Congo Free State & German South West Africa, Then and Now

Katie Gualtieri

“For he who does not die, poverty dies”: The Intersection of State Power and Survival Struggles of Young Rwandans

Andrew Iliff

A Seed That Can Carry: Tradition, Authority and Power in Grassroots Transitional Justice

Rachel Mandel

The Potential and Limitations of Health-Based Organizations for Minority Sexual Rights

Eva Namusoke

Pulpits and Politicians: The Relationship Between Church And State In Uganda


Philip Bonney

The Politics of US Africa Command: The Effects and Limitations

Seraphine Hamilton

The New “Other” in Post-Apartheid South African Literature

Mohamed Rafiq

Colonial Memories, Contemporary Health: How Tanzanian Muslims Utilize the Past in Therapeutic Decisions

Jason Warner

Sovereignty, Peace, and Pan-Africanism: The Construction of a Decolonized Theory of African International Relations


Sarah Beckham

Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapies in Resource-Poor Settings: A Mixed-Methods Case Study in Rural Tanzania

Carol Gallo

Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of Former Combatants: A Critical Nexus Between Human Rights and Development

Nomcebesi Ndlovu

Constructions of Customary Law: A Legal Historical Perspective of Women in KwaZulu-Natal

Kimberly Roosenburg

Partners in Protection? Sport Hunting as a Means to Wildlife Conservation

Rachel Silver

Power, Voice, and Censorship: Exploring Discourse on Female Circumcision and its Implications for Transnational Feminist Engagement


Chimamanda Adichie

The Myth of “Culture”: Sketching the History of Igbo Women in Precolonial and Colonial Nigeria

Matthew Kustenbauder

Legio Maria: The History of a Messianic Movement in Africa

Andrew Offenburger

Decentralized History: The Xhosa Cattle-Killing and Post-Apartheid South Africa


Jenny Kline

Rainbow Nation in Search of a History: The Evolution of the South African History Curriculum

Heather McGorman

Creating Alternative Centers of Power: An Examination of the Peace-Building Process in Uganda Under the NRM

Singto Saro-Wiwa

The Development of the Tourism Industry in Nigeria

Nancy Steedle

Western Interaction and Development in Africa: Evidence of Extraversion


Feyisetan Adunbi

The New Battleground: Women, Sexual Violence and the War in Darfur

Elizabeth Ashamu

The History of Lebanese Immigration to Guinea

Abigail Koch

From Hamba Kahle to Umkhonto: The African National Congress Between 1949 and 1961

Beverly Lwenya

New Developments, Newer Discourse: The Emergence of Contemporary Kenyan Cinema and its Challenges

Lucy Moore

National Identification in Contemporary Nigeria and South Africa

Reynolds Richter

Food Rationing, Labor, and Citizenship in Kenya During World War II

Laura Smalligan

Untangling the Serpent: State Fetishism and the Art of Dahomey

Nora Staal

Peace in Sudan: The Comprehensive Peace Agreement and Prospects for Long Term Stability


Henry Kwan

Hired Guns, Pinstripe Suits and CEOs: The Modern Corporate Mercenary and the Privatization of Warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ashley Lynn

Early Written Kiswahili: History and Translation of Kiswahili in Arabic Script

Jeffrey Meserve

Narrating the African “Other”: (Re)Reading Camões, Os Lusíadas, and Portuguese Encounters with Africa, 1492-1572


Omolade Adunbi

Nigeria: Democratization, Economic Growth, and the Politics of Truth and Reconciliation

Robera Battal

Relocating the Periphery: Amharization and the Politics of Ethiopia’s Resettlement Scheme

Judd Devermont

Refining Racial Identities on the South African Sugar Belt, 1851 – 1913

Kristen Gilmore

Is Qadafi Rational?

Amanda Whiddon

Blood on the Altar: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Rwandan Genocide


Sharon Jackson

Empowerment, Women, and HIV/AIDS in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Quantitative and Qualitative Exploration

Larissa Leclair

Historical Images and Contemporary Analysis: Reclaiming the Archive and Re-looking at History

Mukhtar Mohamed

Armed Conflict and HIV/AIDS: The Impact on Children in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kwesi Snsculotte-Greenidge

Decentralization Versus Democratization: An Analysis of Ethiopia’s Experiment with Ethnic Federalism

Amelia Shaw

Interactive Communication Strategies for Anemia Reduction in Chole, Tanzania